Skutch, Alexander F., Año 1988
Synchronized flowering and seed dispersal in Miconia
Brenesia Volumen 1988, Número 29

Páginas: 83-94
ISSN: 0304-3711

Palabras clave: Miconia, Melastomataceae, Fenologia, DISPERSION DE SEMILLAS, Costa Rica

Resumen: For 12 years I kept records of the synchronized flowering of 6 species of Miconia (Melastomaceae) in a single locality in southern Costa Rica. All the trees or treelcts of a single species bloom profusely on one or two days, mostly in the drier weather early in the year. After an interval during which scarcely any flowers open, another general flowering may occur. Only exceptionally do two species bloom on the same day. The tiny, fragrant, nectarless white flowers atiract pollen-gathering bees and other small insects, but neither butterflies nor hummingbirds. These miconias produce abundanty crops of small, juicy berries that are eaten by at least 62 species of birds, most of which appear to disseminate the seeds. Huge numbers of tiny flowers enable these plants to produce many small berries; by synchronized flowering, the trees compensate for the inconspicuousness of single florets.

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