Skutch, Alexander F., Año 1988
Flowering and seed production of Fischeria funebris (Asclepiadaceae)
Brenesia Volumen 1988, Número 30

Páginas: 13-17
ISSN: 0304-3711

Palabras clave: semillas, Polinización, FISCHERIA, Asclepiadaceae

Resumen: Rowers of the vine Fischeria funebris expand early in the morning and remain continuously open, awaiting pollination, for 10 to 15 days. They secrete nectar that attracts many small bees, especially meliponines, and a variety of small and middle-sized butterflies. Many of these insects bear up to four yoked pairs of pollinia on their legs. Nevertheless, only a very small fraction of these complicated flowers are pollinated and produce fruits. To compensate for the rarity of pollination, the few large follicles that develop contain large numbers of plumed seeds. Milkweed and orchid flowers are compared.

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