Gómez, Luis Diego, Año 1980
Vegetative reproduction in a Central American Isoëtes (Isoetaceae). Its morphological, systematic and taxonomical significance
Brenesia Volumen 1980, Número 18

Páginas: 01/01/2014
ISSN: 0304-3711

Palabras clave: vegetative reproduction., Taxonomy, Systematics, South América, Pteridophyta, Central America

Resumen: Some species of Central and South American quillworts, Isoëtes L, have the ability to reproduce both by the normal spore cycle as well as by vegetative reproduction such as foliar gemmae and proliferation of the corms. The latter method is faster to produce reproductively mature plants thus increasing the length of the effective growing season. This trait, described here in I. storkii Palmer from Volcan Poas, Costa Rica, is discussed and serves as a basis for reconsideration of the generic concept Stylites Amstutz and the taxonomy of the I. lechleri Mett. complex

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